Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Interrupt This Relationship to Bring You The Playoffs

The most inspiring time of year for me is now: NHL playoff time. 

There's nothing more exciting than watching your team build a lead and then defend it with tough play and hard hits. Maybe the goalie stands on his head and pulls off a shutout after facing 40 shots. It's nuts. This is when teams in the NHL actually start playing real hockey. Just last week I was speaking to a man in his late 60's and he told me he hasn't watched the NHL regular season since the 1970's. 

"Start of the season is warm-up, after Christmas is practice for the playoffs, then the playoffs are when they actually start playing."

This man knew exactly how I felt. During the NHL Lock-out, I lost interest in hockey. I never watched any games and never followed any story-lines. But whenever the playoffs came around, I couldn't help but become completely surrounded by hockey. Over the years, the playoffs have drawn me back into the hockey world. Since Montreal's run last year, I've been a die-hard Habs fan, and have followed them all season long and plan to cheer them on for years to come. 

My prediction? Habs grab the Stanley Cup for the first time since 93'. They have plenty of experience and Carey Price is a monster. They can't be stopped. 

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